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Copper Faraday cages

The RF shielding consists of high quality copper panels installed on a suitably shaped wooden frame.


Access door

The access door, with useful dimensions of 1000 x 2100 mm, is made entirely of brass and copper and is fixed to the structure by means of hinges.

Electrical continuity

The electrical continuity between the RF shielding and the door is guaranteed by the presence of copper-beryllium finger contacts positioned along the entire perimeter of the door.

Shielding vision

The shielding window is made using a double crystal with an interposed metal mesh having a mesh of suitable dimensions to obtain maximum attenuation at the resonant frequency.

False ceiling

The false ceiling, which can be inspected, is made with 600×600 mm mineral fiber panels resting on an aluminum frame made up of corner perimeter profiles and intermediate C-section profiles.

Interior lining

The internal lining of the RF shielding is made up of light colored panels, laid on fir wood supports (both horizontal and vertical) anchored by means of self-drilling screws. The cladding panels are joined together "head to tail" having, the single panel, a groove on one edge and a joint on the other.


The floor is made up of modular panels of conductive antistatic polyvinyl, in 600×600 mm scratchproof tiles.

Electrical distribution

The electrical distribution line is made with fire retardant conductors, the network filter for the lighting system, MRI room (220V - AC 10A/16A up to 100Mhz) is contained in a special insulated steel casing.


The spotlights for lighting are of the fixed 36V – 20W LED type;
The air distribution inside the RF cabin is guaranteed by a distribution system made up of shielding honeycomb filters mounted on the cabin and an appropriate number of air diffusers positioned in the false ceiling and connected by pipes.