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Specialized know-how for reliable

and innovative clinical solutions.

Our highly qualified and experienced technical staff is the real strength of HTS MED. It is with specialized technical know-how and twenty years of experience in the sector that we surpass any competition in the reliability of equipment, in the efficiency of services and in customer satisfaction.

Manutenzione rapida e qualificata

Quick and qualified maintenance

We are well aware that the turnover and reputation of our customers depend on the perfect functioning of the Diagnostic systems and the rapid resolution of problems. This is why our maintenance team is selected and trained to provide qualified technical assistance in a very short time.

By relying on the HTS MED maintenance service, not only will your machinery be checked and tested periodically according to the law by qualified technicians, but you will have access to an internal certified repair circuit, with a quick restoration of the equipment, capable of resolving any unforeseen in time. record. Read more about the maintenance service.

Buyer sul mercato internazionale

Buyer on the international market

The HTS MED team operates on the global market: thanks to commercial agreements with technical partners around the world and with the largest manufacturers of systems for High Diagnostic Imaging, we constantly supply ourselves with equipment and spare parts from the best brands,

to be able to satisfy any need in terms of cutting-edge machinery and quality spare parts at affordable prices in a very short time.
By becoming an HTS MED customer you will have a preferential channel for the replacement of your CT, MRI and Ultrasound systems, because our staff is able to offer you any machinery or component in a short time and respecting the highest quality standards.

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Certified technicians for the reconditioning of cutting-edge machines and laboratories

icona per i nostri laboratori

Our laboratories

After purchasing second-hand diagnostic equipment from the best brands, we take care of their reconditioning in our high-tech laboratories. In this way we are sure to always offer state-of-the-art, safe and reliable equipment.

Specialized on: Siemens, Philips, GE, Esaote

Icona i nostri tecnici

Our technicians

Our maintenance team is selected and trained to provide qualified technical assistance in a very short time. HTS MED offers you a technical support service for 1, 3 or 5 years, and a choice between 3 different levels of maintenance or fully customized service plans. Read more about the maintenance service.

  • MORE ORDINARY INTERVENTIONS than the maintenance of the manufacturers
  • UNLIMITED EXTRAORDINARY MAINTENANCE for any level of assistance
  • REAL-TIME INTERVENTIONS even remotely without waiting for the technician to arrive
  • CUSTOMIZED MAINTENANCE to meet special needs or requests