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Icona Gabbie di Faraday sicure ed efficienti

Safe and efficient Faraday cages, always!

The great experience of HTS MED in the design, management and maintenance of Faraday Cages is the guarantee of the reliability of our technical assistance service. All the checks included in our maintenance plans, in fact, are carried out according to the highest quality standards and with instruments subjected to quality controls and periodically recalibrated.


Choose your model according to your needs

MRI systems fall into two broad categories, permanent magnet systems and superconducting systems. Depending on the type of magnet it is possible to choose the type of Faraday Cage.


Our solutions combine the highest quality with a flexible and dynamic level of customization

Faraday Cages are a necessary element of any MRI installation, since the lack of adequate shielding can create problems both in diagnostics and in the operation of the MR equipment itself.
Our shields are rigid, self-supporting structures, mechanically and electrically isolated from the existing structural walls. They are manufactured with non-magnetic stainless steel or aluminum panels and can be either bolted or welded on site.