Anke Anatom S800

CT 256 Slices system


ANATOM S800 represents the future of CT scanners.

It is capable of high rotation speed and guarantees very high quality images with a low dose.

The system is able to balance the x-ray dose delivered to the patient on the basis of the volume and the anatomical area to be studied, guaranteeing a dose reduction of up to 40%.

In addition to traditional clinical applications, the CT Anatom S800 is particularly suitable for the study of the heart and the entire cardiovascular system.

The extreme speed of execution of the examination as well as the clear reduction of the dose, make this CT system particularly suitable for pediatric patients as well.



  • Slices:   256
  • Gantry opening: 80 cm
  • Min. Rotation Time 360 ​​°: 0.26s

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