Esaote O Scan 0.31 T

Esaote O-Scan

0.31T Sector MRI System


O-scan EVO is the new exceptional MRI system for limb diagnosis.
It offers a full range of high-quality limb imaging capabilities and, thanks to the extremely ergonomic open shape, ensures the patient an optimal experience.
This solution is the ideal answer to the current needs of the medical sector: patient comfort, quality, reduced exam time and efficient workflow.
O-scan does more in less space. The innovative design integrates a complete MRI system that includes an RF cage in a single structure, minimizing the total space required for installation. Thanks to its low weight and a footprint of only 5 gauss, O-scan can be installed in almost any office or studio.
The operator's console, with Windows® interface, can be placed inside or outside the room, adapting to both small diagnostic studies and large radiology departments



  • Magnetic field: 0.31T
  • Usage: Articular
  • Installed in sqm: 9 sqm

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